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Low-Carbon Economy

Posted 29/09/2011

The RSE set out key findings of its recent inquiry into climate change in a briefing note for MSPs ahead of a Scottish Parliament debate on the low-carbon economy.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh highlighted the key findings of its recent major inquiry “Facing up to Climate Change: breaking the barriers to a low-carbon Scotland” in a short briefing note sent to all MSPs ahead of a debate in Parliament on the Low-Carbon Economy.

The fundamental message of the report is that while there is much activity at the level of the EU, the UK, Scotland, local authorities, communities, households and civil society, there is a lack of integration and coherence between levels that acts as a major barrier to action. The RSE calls on the Scottish Government and Parliament to play a leading role in streamlining activity to enable a strong drive towards a low-carbon economy.

Read the full briefing paper here.

For a transcript of the debate held in Parliament on 22 September, please see the Official Report.

More information on the RSE’s Inquiry, Facing up to Climate Change, can be found here.

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