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Scotland's Broadband Infrastructure

Posted 28/11/2011

Scotland’s broadband infrastructure will not only support the delivery of services, information ‎and entertainment to consumers in Scotland’s homes, but will also enable Scotland’s citizens, ‎communities, and businesses to become producers of value in the digital economy. It will ‎increase the efficiency of commerce, government, public services, social collaboration, and ‎education, all of which depend crucially on communication.‎

The RSE's response to the Scottish Parliament's Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee concentrates on the requirements for a core fibre network that must reach every ‎community. This is fundamental for two reasons:

  • A fibre backbone is required to accommodate present and future demand for fixed and wireless connections to the internet. The capacity and resilience of this core fibre ‎network will limit, or enable, local connectivity across Scotland.‎
  • This fibre backbone represents a long-term infrastructure investment, with an ‎anticipated lifetime of over 30 years.

Professor Michael Fourman FRSE, Chair of the RSE Digital Scotland report and former Head of the Informatics Forum, University of Edinburgh, will give oral evidence to the Committee on Wednesday 7 December.

Read the full response paper here.

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