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Reform of Post-16 Education

Posted 21/12/2011

In its paper, Putting Learners at the Centre: Delivering Our Ambitions for Post-16 Education, the Scottish Government has set out proposals for wide-ranging reform of the full range of Government-funded post-16 education in Scotland - higher education, further education and skills. Through its Education Committee, which comprises individuals with expertise and experience in and across the school, college and university sectors, the RSE has responded to the pre-legislative consultation.
The RSE's submission focuses on the high level issues raised by the proposals. While the Government's pre-legislative paper contains many laudable proposals and innovative ideas, the RSE is concerned that there is no overall strategy for an education and skills continuum in Scotland. The RSE is also concerned about the implications that budgetary decisions, particularly those impacting on the college sector, will have for the achievement of the proposed reforms.
Read the full response here.

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