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Review of Further Education Governance

Posted 28/02/2012

Professor Russel Griggs' Report of the Review of Further Education Governance in Scotland, which was commissioned by Michael Russell MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, has recently been submitted to the Scottish Government. As part of the process of considering the recommendations made in the report, the Cabinet Secretary has sought the views of the sector and other relevant stakeholders.
The RSE Education Committee welcomed the opportunity to respond to the call for views. While the report recommends some radical changes to the way in which colleges are constituted, governed, funded and managed, little evidence is presented to support the conclusions and arguably, progress towards a regional model of governance should be made and then evaluated before further change is contemplated.
Read the full response Further Education Governance in Scotland
This response complements the RSE's submissions on Higher Education Governance and Reform of Post-16 Education.

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