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Renewable Energy Targets 2020

Posted 05/03/2012

In a response to the Scottish Parliament's Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee, the RSE has welcomed the impetus being given to the development of renewable energy generation capacity, but doubts that targets set for 2020 will be achievable within the constraints of finance available and acceptable cost.

With Scotland poised to lose nearly one-half of its electricity generation capacity in the next decade, debate on renewable energy generation must take place within wider consideration of Scotland's energy future. Security of supply, meeting renewable and emission reduction targets, and costs, will be the three key issues that frame this debate.

Substantial investment is needed not only in the development and commercialisation of renewable energy technologies, but also in addressing underlying challenges in the electricity system, such as grid access, inter-connections, stability, and storage. The vast majority of the captial required will need to come from the private sector, so the priority for government must be to de-risk investment in renewables, through stable, long-term policy and regulatory frameworks and continued support for R&D and commercialisation activity.

The full response on the Scottish Government's Renewable Energy Targets can be read here.

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